Climate Art for Congress

It’s difficult to consider the other crisis — the climate crisis — in the midst of Covid. But it’s also imperative. Legislation passed now in response to the virus can either greatly worsen, or greatly improve, our prospects for climate progress. For example, legislation can either support clean energy and climate justice initiatives, or it can instead provide bailout money and other relief to fossil fuel companies, which have been aggressively seeking to exploit the Covid crisis.


So we are inviting the Friends community to join us in The Climate Museum’s “Climate Art for Congress” initiative.


First, learn about climate justice and Covid-19.  Check out these links to learn more:


Second, learn who your congressional representatives are, and what they stand for:


Third, write a letter with a drawing asking your representatives to remember the climate!


Finally, email your letter to with your first name, age, state, member of congress and a fun fact about yourself.  They will send it to your representatives and they will add it to their online gallery.