Honoring Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian-Pacific American heritage month, a time when we zoom in on the contributions and experiences of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. All of our lives have been positively impacted by these communities. In this video, members of the Upper School’s Asian Culture Club and CPEJ staff describe the significance of the month, how you can commemorate the month at home while in quarantine, and how you can support Asian American and Pacific Islander communities as they speak out against racism, ignorance, and hate during the outbreak of COVID-19. This video contains references to a variety of empathy-building and culturally responsive activities you can do as a family. One way of demonstrating solidarity with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities is to explore their cultures and listen to their stories respectfully. Cultural stories provide windows and mirrors––windows into the experiences of those who may be different from us as well as mirrors that reflect back to us our own experiences. Where do you see yourself reflected in what you are learning? Where does your story diverge? Please click here to access the slides featured in the video in which you can find the hyperlinks to the various suggested activities. Thank you in advance for participating!