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Bentrice Jusu: Where Am I From?

On April 29, Bentrice Jusu spoke to the Friends community about what it means to be creative and how we can use confinement and knowledge of self to breed creativity.  She spoke about understanding her roots and how knowing where she is from allows her to be present wherever she is.  Bentrice has also shared a documentary capturing the process of creating a “house” inspired by her mother’s house in Liberia, and her own house in New Jersey. We invite you to gather your family together to watch that video and discuss some of the same questions she has grappled with. First, What are the stories of traveling that have brought your family to where you are? Second, What painful moments have shaped who you are? Next, How have these stories helped form your identity and family? Finally, Now that you’ve shared these stories, can you each bravely create a piece about your identity to share with each other?


About Bentrice

Bentrice is the founder of Both Hands Artlet, Resident Teaching Artist in the State of New Jersey, and former Advanced Community-Engaged Leader for The College of New Jersey Trenton Works Network, to name but a few of her accomplishments.  She is currently working on the Become Factory to help people discover their potential and working to make art accessible to underserved communities.

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